ASPIE Girls explores the lives of African American women with Asperger’s Syndrome. They are artists, poets, musicians, writers, students, wives, daughters, girlfriends and Aspies. All of them meet the world on their terms.
ASPIE Girls opens the door to understanding by documenting a week in the life of Mame, Jennifer, Kelli, Louise and Verna.
ASPIE Girls is about someone you know, have met or will meet.

About ASPIE Girls

My films explore the lives of Black women, documents experiences and tell stories that resonant with Black women in a way that is not always available in widespread media. Looking into the lives of other Black women is also a glimpse of some aspect of my life. I am particularly interested in the artistic way Black women shape their lives.
The goal of ASPIE Girls is to become familiar with the women on their own terms, raise awareness and understanding about Asperger's Syndrome. The women in ASPIE Girls are artists; their work and the living environments they've created is the focus of the project. Mame is a visual artist and musician. Her inspiration is derived from her spiritual experiences and a desire for celebrity that she believes will help her gain acceptance in spite of her disability. Louise is a poet and autism advocate. She is in her 50's and received multiple diagnoses as an adult before arriving at Asperger's Syndrome. Jenifer's interest is in story structure used to create stories based in fantasy worlds reconstructed to apply to other mediums. She is writing a series of books. Jenifer has lived at home since graduating from college. Verna is learning to read music. She plays by ear for church and two bands. Kelli is studying for her graduate degree at Gallaudet Univeristy.

What is Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger's Syndrome is a neurological based syndrome affecting the way the brain processes information; it is a high functioning type of autism. AS appears as a blessing when it accentuates talents and skills, but it can be a burden when the condition hinders the facility to capitalize on those gifts.